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It's official: One of these three men will play DC Comics' Green Lantern in next year's big budget movie version. But which one can fulfill our intergalactic ring-slinging policeman fantasies?


The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the producers of the movie have narrowed the choice of cinematic Hal Jordan down to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake, adding that a decision is expected soon as Warner Bros.' holding deal for the actors expired earlier this week, making them available for other projects. The comic fanboy in us hopes that Timberlake's out of the running just because he looks too young, and wouldn't be surprised if Ryan Reynolds makes himself unavailable considering that he already has Deadpool in his superhero movie portfolio - although we could definitely see him as wise-cracking test pilot Hal Jordan, if he's willing to think about it. Does that mean that Bradley Cooper is the best one for the job?

Call us nostalgic Alias fans if you want, but we think yes; Cooper's The Hangover has shown that he can lead a movie - and, more importantly to Warner, that he can lead a successful movie - but he's still looking for that role that can make him a star... and we think that Green Lantern stands a better chance of doing that than playing Faceman in the A Team revival.


Plus, you know, he was never a member of NSync. That counts for a lot.

We'd be willing to start a Give Cooper The Ring campaign right here if it made a difference, but are we wrong? Who would you like to see slip on the green uniform and power ring before bringing justice to the skies?

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