The return of Star Wars has brought us many good things (a chance to revisit our Han Solo crushes from 4th grade) and many bad things (ketchup-infused VaderDogs). But nothing out there is as truly awesome as these album covers inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Steven Lear masters Photoshop with a Jedi-like acumen in his Instagram project @WhyTheLongPlayface, which features dozens and dozens of vinyl/Star Wars mashups.

I don’t know if it’s a case of concurrent nostalgia because some of these albums were on heavy rotation in my house during same time that the movies became a childhood obsession, or the fact that Lear completely nails it when it comes to melding certain characters with the appropriate musical reference.


One thing I do know: The “Solo” joke never, ever gets old.

Scroll through the feed strewn with Lear’s brilliance and let me know which ones are your favorites.


[@WhyTheLongPlayface via Observer]

All images by Steven Lear