Which Network TV Show Is As Smart As Any Cable Show?

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Everybody obsesses about the dark, character-focused intensity of shows like The Walking Dead and True Detective — but network television has served up some shows that are every bit as intelligent, complex and character-focused. What's your favorite show from a broadcast network, that manages to be as smart as any show on cable?


Please include a clip or picture of your chosen TV show. And please include the name, and why it's so complex and intelligent. Thanks!

Top image: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a show that delved into complex areas of politics, artificial intelligence, robotics and family dynamics without compromising.

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Name: Hannibal

Why it's smart: A dark, adult drama that deals not only with the lingering aftereffects of violent death, it also tackles mental health in a way that's not patronizing or cruel. The relationships are well-defined, yet still subtle, allowing for surprising interactions between the characters. And it explores the nature and myth of evil.