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Which movie will be this summer's biggest surprise flop?

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It's that time of year yet again, when we place our wagers in the Thunderdome that is the summer movieplex. A dozen huge-budget franchise pictures will do battle, and some will fall. Which film will be this year's Green Lantern or Battleship? Make your predictions right now!


Once again, we're asking you to predict which movie will be the biggest failure — but also the most surprising failure. So if you think Lone Ranger will fail but it won't be much of a surprise, don't vote for it. (We're including Lone Ranger because it's a huge budget film starring Johnny Depp, from the director of Pirates of the Caribbean.)

We left off some candidates whose failure would surprise nobody, including 300: Rise of Artemisia. We also left out some smaller films, like Seth Rogen's This is the End and Kick-Ass 2. If you want to make a case that the 300 sequel will fail, and that you'll be incredibly surprised by that, go for it in the comments.


But meanwhile, make your selection below:

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My first instinct is to say After Earth - but Smith has yet to flop, especially when it comes to SciFi, so Im going Lone Ranger.

Also, are we talking domestic boxoffice, or international? Sometimes a flop here is a hit elsewhere....