Which Movie Wasn't As Amazing As The Version In Your Head Beforehand?

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Sometimes you see a trailer for a movie, and you can just picture how it's going to go. The glimpses of cool visuals in the trailer, and the intriguing hints you pick up, write themselves into a whole story in your head. And then... the actual movie can't compare. Which movie was way, way better in your head?

Please include a picture, poster or clip for this movie that was totally incredible before you actually saw it. And please mention the name, and some details about the version of the film you had written in your head before you saw the real thing. Thanks!

Top image: Ultraviolet. First I thought, "Oh, they made a movie version of that incredible British show. Wow." Then I glommed on to the fact that it wasn't actually based on the British show at all, but it was still about vampires. And it's the future, and Milla Jovovich is some kind of genetically altered super-vamp who probably has a computer in her head and needs to help the other vampires to become cyborgs. I remember my imaginary version of this movie also had a lot of questions about whether vampires can still have free will, or whether they're programmed in the same way as the computer overlords. It was awesome. And then... I saw the actual movie. Sigh.

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