Which Movie Did You Walk Out Of?

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Most of us are committed to our entertainment—when we start a thing, we see it through. Maybe you put down a book sometimes, but when you see a movie, you stick it out. Except. Some movies, you just can’t get through. So which movie did you just walk out of?

Please include the name of the movie, plus a poster, clip, picture, piece of artwork or other signifier. And please mention why you decided to leave before the end credits. Thanks!

Top image: The Baby of Macon, directed by Peter Greenaway. This film is about a miracle birth that happens in a town that’s gone barren, and has a lot of fantastical elements to it. I was the world’s biggest Greenaway fan, but this movie... Nope. Spoiler alert: It ends with a 20-minute scene where the main character is raped 208 times, until she dies. This happens in real time.


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The moment this character was revealed to be Jar Jar Binks, I didn’t walk. I ran out.