Which Movie Can You Abandon For A Pee Break Without Missing Anything?

We always feel guilty and ashamed — like bad movie-lovers! — when we have to take a pee break in the middle of a long movie. What if we miss the best bit? But certain films make it easy, with long stretches that you can safely miss. Go to the bathroom. Get a soda refill, even. Which movie can you safely miss a decent stretch of?

Please include a picture, clip, poster, or piece of artwork for your peebreak-friendly movie. And please mention the name of the film, and what part of it you think is most pee-breakable. Thanks!


Top image: The Wolverine. Even if you love this movie, you can safely walk out after the big train sequence. The whole middle section where he's romancing Mariko is eminently skippable. Go ahead and pee. This movie will still be there when you get back.

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