Which Marvel Character Will Die In Captain America: Civil War?

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Civil War filming pictures don’t just tease death — they give us our first look at the MCU’s take on comics villain Crossbones. Daniel Craig may have a surprising cameo in The Force Awakens. The Flash teases new heroes and villains. Plus, a look at Ash vs. Evil Dead’s Necronomicon. Spoilers Get!


Top image: Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Captain America: Civil War

As the movie begins filming, set pictures have started to hit the web. First up, the filming of a funeral scene:

There’s been much speculation that this is the funeral for Peggy Carter, who would be around 97 in Civil War’s present day setting, stoked by images of the Union Flag being draped over a coffin. Photos by Jennifer Brett/Atlanta Journal Constitution. [via Comics Alliance]

Here are a few more set photos, also from Brett:


More pics at Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Frank Grillo has also been sighted on set, wearing his uniform as Crossbones — including some power gauntlets. Check out a slightly blurry image below. [H/T Edmund Morrell]

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Simon Pegg has allegedly let slip that Daniel Craig as a cameo in the movie — as a Stormtrooper:

“I wasn’t a Stormtrooper. Daniel Craig, he was a Stormtrooper.”

Pegg quickly retracted his comments, saying “I shouldn’t have said that.”


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Gary Anthony Williams has been cast as Bebop, the mutated henchman of Shredder. According to Deadline, initially Bebop will be a “ a punk street thug member of a ragtag gang of misfits who acts as if he’s intellectually superior, but isn’t”.


Batman v Superman

Speaking on the Shanlian on Batman podcast, former Latino Review writier Umberto Gonzalez claims that Doomsday will have a presence in the film, acting as “muscle” for Lex Luthor.


Jurassic World

Dino havoc abound in the latest TV spot for the film. [Coming Soon]


Agents Of SHIELD

Brett Dalton discusses where Ward goes from the Season 2 finale:

I feel what we have now is someone who really has crossed the line, who has nothing to do anymore. That’s a really fascinating place to be. One of the things that the director was talking about was [Ward’s] so far gone that his pulse doesn’t even change. ... He has a plan, he knows how to execute it, and there’s a kind of coldness in there that is scary that I’d like to really explore in Season 3; somebody who doesn’t have those questions, who isn’t in a relationship with someone else, who is just a man with vengeance on his mind. I think that’s fascinating to play, and that’s where I think Season 3 will hit the ground running. This is just the beginning of a whole other chapter, and that’s what I think is so exciting. When you do have a character that is this far gone, to see a glimmer of maybe he is still a good guy, that would be fun too just to remind people — or just to confuse them even more.



Wayward Pines

Here’s a series of brief synopses for the second half of the season:

Episode 1.05

Ethan makes a shocking discovery and uncovers some truths about Wayward

Episode 1.06

Ethan learns the rest of the truth about Wayward Pines. Meanwhile, Theresa does some investigating of her own.

Episode 1.07

A group of insurgents are a threat to the town’s survival.

Episode 1.08

Ethan investigates the insurgent group after they create chaos in town.

Episode 1.09

Ethan’s reactions to the insurgent incident result in a polarizing response in town. Pilcher takes matters into his own hands, endangering the town and everyone in it.

Episode 1.10 (Finale)

Meagan has a change of heart and helps Ethan lead the townspeople to safety and the truth.


[Spoiler TV]

Orphan Black

Ari Millen discusses what’s to come for Mark:

Last episode, “Newer Elements of Our Defence,” ended with Mark and Rudy needing to “clean up some loose ends,” meaning Sarah. What can viewers look forward to in the coming weeks?

What has been alluded to up until now is Mark has been trying to get out for a while and trying to escape. He knew his brothers weren’t going to let him go, so now he’s been dragged back into this. He’s going to be put right back in the wolves’ den of his family. It’s going to be interesting seeing the dynamic of him and his brothers, him and his mother, and where his loyalties are. He’s found out Sarah is his biological sister. Gracie is still out there. Where does his heart lie and who is he loyal to? That’s the fun of what is to come.



The Vampire Diaries

Caroline Dries discusses Damon’s reaction to Elena’s sacrifice:

TVLINE | From the brief bit we saw of him, Damon was not handling it well. What’s going to be his biggest struggle? Doesn’t he realize that, as long as he’s patient, Elena will eventually come back?

[Laughs] Patient? How boring! Everything he did, every choice he made, was somehow tied to Elena. Now she’s not there looking over his shoulder every five minutes, so he has to figure out who he is without her and what choices he’s OK making. He’s going to have a rough go at it, and he’s going to get dark and be Bad-Damon. But he’s still got Bonnie there to remind him what Elena would do.


[TV Line]


David Ramsey confirms that Diggle will assume a masked identity in Season 4:

What about a mask for someone like Vigilante, or…

DR: Yeah, people have mentioned that, people have mentioned The Guardian, a few others.

Yeah, right!

DR: I do think you need some kind of concealment. I agree with that. And to that end, they are working on something. You will see something for Diggle next year, season 4. You will.



The Flash

During an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Danielle Panabaker confirmed that Caitlin’s Killer Frost persona will appear on the show in the near future.


Redditor xxAdam noticed that a set picture from filming features not only Tom Cavanaugh’s Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash in the Time travel device shown in the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer — but also the helmet of Jay Garrick, the original Flash. Also paired with the image is a comment from Panabaker during her AMA, teasing Garrick playing a role on the show.


[via Reddit]

And here’s the comic book preview for the finale.

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[TheCWFlash on Tumblr]

Doctor Who

In an interview with Wales Online, Steven Moffat confirms that he will stay on as showrunner for at least another year (presumably referring to the show’s tenth season, rather than the currently-filming season nine).



Here’s a synopsis for the third season’s opening episode, “Antipasto”:

HANNIBAL IS ON THE RUN - EDDIE IZZARD AND ZACHARY QUINTO GUEST STAR — Having successfully escaped FBI capture, Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) is moving through the European landscape, with Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) in tow.But Dr. Lecter’s old habits and opulent tastes are still on display as he settles into a new identity and life in Florence, Italy, working at the Palazzo Capponi museum. Glimpses into the past help inform his relationship with Bedelia, a pairing not clearly defined as friend or foe.


[Spoiler TV]

Teen Wolf

The show will introduce two new gay characters, Corey and Lukas, in the next season. [Geekly Rocks]


Ash vs. Evil Dead

Director Michael J Bassett has posted a picture of the show’s Necronomicon on Instagram.


A rumor is circulating that, now that he has departed Arrow, Colton Haynes may reappear on the show. [VC Post]


Additional reporting by Abhimanyu Das and Charlie Jane Anders



Oh if they do Jay Garrick on The Flash (or Legends) I will have a fit of pure, unadulterated fanboy joy.

Speaking on the Shanlian on Batman podcast, former Latino Review writier Umberto Gonzalez claims that Doomsday will have a presence in the film, acting as “muscle” for Lex Luthor.

Trying very hard not to judge a movie before I’ve seen it, but the idea of something as powerful as Doomsday taking orders from Luthor (a Luthor played by someone who’s about as threatening looking as a Labradoodle) makes me sigh.