Which Major Cities Will Transformers 3 Destroy? Also, Can You Unravel The Chuck Riddle?

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Michael Bay reveals Transformers 3's main locations. Your new favorite science-fiction heroine may be pregnant! A new Chuck casting scoop gives rise to wild theories. Plus Crazies, Defendor, Repo Men, Doctor Who, Caprica, Supernatural, V and Lost spoilers!


Transformers 3:

Michael Bay's official blog says the next film will have major action sequences in Chicago and Moscow. [Michael Bay]


The Crazies:

A mostly positive review of this film gives away a lot of details. The guy who wanders into the baseball field with a shotgun at the beginning is the "town drunk," but analysis reveals no alcohol in his system. And then other people in the town start acting nuts too. The sheriff discovers a mysterious plane crashed nearby. But then the military start quarantining the town and killing all the infected, and possibly even just the exposed. The military is faceless, except for one fleeting encounter. [Toronto Sun]

And here's a new clip. [MTV]


Apparently this citizen-superhero film opens in L.A. this weekend, but is coming out on DVD in April. For now, here are some stills including Kat Dennings as an underage prostitute whom Defendor tries to help, only to tangle with her pimp, a crooked undercover cop (Elias Koteas.) More pics at the link. [MTV]


Repo Men:

Some cute new posters encourage you to embrace your bad habits. [Cinemablend]

Doctor Who:

There's a new, slightly shorter version of the trailer you've already seen, and you can view it here. [Blogtor Who]


More set reports, some of which Bluehinter mentioned in yesterday's comments. They're filming what's believed to be episode seven, in which a random gang of old people wander around a playground wielding walkers, umbrellas and various other things. Rory (Amy's fiance) is there, and some onlookers said Amy looks pregnant — which could mean it's set in the future, or that it's some sort of alien pregnancy like what happened to Gwen on Torchwood. Another theory is that if it's true that one episode is called "The Lodger," that could refer to Amy's baby. [Gallifreybase]


A few promo pics from episode six, "Know Thy Enemy." [Pizquita]


Actor Samantha Smith posted on her Facebook page that Mary Winchester (the older version) will reappear "in a few weeks" when the show comes back. [SpoilerTV]



Here's a sly new trailer for this show's return, in which Anna encourages us all to "embrace change." Heh.


So the season finale is going to feature kids playing seven-year-old Chuck and eleven-year-old Ellie, in a flashback. And this reportedly ties in with the return of Scott Bakula as Papa Bartowski, which will be the biggest thing the show's ever done. Fans are already formulating theories, including: We'll see Mama Bartowski in the flashback, and then at the end of the episode, we'll see her again in the present day — as one of the Ring's evil leaders. Or else: We'll see the night Papa Bartowski left. Or we'll see how Chevy Chase's character, Ted, lured Mama Bartowski into doing something that broke Papa Bartowski's heart. Or or or. What do you think? [EW and ChuckTV]



Matthew Fox says Jack will (shockingly) embrace his destiny in the end:

I think in the end, after the wrestling he's gone through with this argument between reason and faith, finally coming up against the indisputable fact that his destiny does lie on this island will be a relief. Everything lies on Jack succeeding and accomplishing something there.


Also, it's official: Claire has only had contact with Smokey in the past few years. And Hurley isn't the only person who can see the dead. And yes, major character deaths are on the way. [People]

And here's another promo for Tuesday's Sayid-centric episode:

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.


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