Which Major Character Could Jessica Jones Have Cast Janet McTeer For?

Image: Janet McTeer (Andreas Rentz / Getty)

The first big casting news for season two of Jessica Jones is out, and we have no idea what it means.

Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs), a double Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner, has been cast as “undisclosed character” who has “an enormous impact” on the life of Jessica Jones. And that’s it. That’s all the Marvel announcement says.


The first instinct we had was to try to find someone from The Pulse—the Brian Michael Bendis comic about Jessica consulting with some Daily Bugle staff members who work on a vertical about superheroes. Kat Farrell, maybe? Ben Urich was in that comic and he was a major part of season one of Daredevil. Farrell could easily work at New York Bulletin like he did there.

The second horrible instinct was that we’d be getting some mother drama in flashbacks or in a return. Please, god, no. No more parental drama, I am begging the world.

But now we clear the field for you to make you own educated guesses.

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