Which Legendary Hero Would Be Dead Within A Day In Real Life?

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There are many forms of protection in science fiction and fantasy stories — but the most powerful is Plot Armor. Someone wearing Plot Armor can walk through a nuclear explosion unscathed, or go sunbathing on the sun. But which awesome character has the strongest Plot Armor of them all?


Please include a picture, clip, comics panel, book cover, poster or semaphore for your chosen hero (or villain). And please mention his or her name, and the nature of the amazing Plot Armor. Thanks!

Top image: Batman. Batman Batman Batman. That exposed chin is like a giant neon "shoot here" sign. Plus his kevlar or other body armor is not going to be immune to rocket launchers, and probably won't do that well against armor-piercing rounds at close range. I give Batman a week, tops.

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Vlad the Imploder

James Bond has to be very, very high on this list, doesn't he? An especially lethal combination of bad habits, conspicuousness, and foes who would be a whole lot more dangerous with some common sense.