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Which Is Worse: The Witches Of Breastwick Or The Bare Wench Project? [NSFW]

Two of the most prominent witch movies of the modern era have gotten godawful softcore porn-spoofs. Here's a dreadful clip from Witches Of Breastwick. Click through to see two clips from Bare Wench Project, and vote on which is worse.

So in Witches Of Breastwick, there's an ancient witch who died or something, and now she fucks men to death if they come too close to her cabin. And a group of young witches have their eye on some strapping young dude whom they want to sacrifice to her. Meanwhile, Bare Wench Project is pretty much what you'd expect: A group of people ventures into the woods and discovers the sinister truth behind the Bare Wench, who makes them horny:

And here's what happens towards the end of the movie, when everything is unraveling and the Bare Wench has them in her sway:

So what do you think?


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Nick Foote

Why the hell do they both have people off camera holding flashlights and waving them around like epileptics?