Which Hollywood blockbuster has the heart of a cult movie?

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We celebrate cult movies for their subversiveness and willingness to defy your expectations by throwing gonzo shit at the screen. But the line between cult films and mainstream Hollywood blockbusters is never solid, especially with so many directors going back and forth. Which huge Hollywood tentpole film is really a cult movie at heart?


Please include a picture, poster or clip for your chosen movie. And please include the name and why it's really a cult movie at heart, in the following format.


Name: Total Recall (1990)

Why it's a cult movie at heart: Once and future cult auteur Paul Verhoeven goes kind of nuts in this adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story. From the exploding eyeballs to the stomach mutant to the three-breasted sex worker, this movie isn't afraid to go completely over the top, and then jump off from there. Plus Schwarzenegger is at his most manic and weird, chewing lines like "Give the people air" as if they were steak.

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Pacific Rim 2013

Why: Kaiju and giant robots. Both under appreciated genres that need to be explored with multiple sequels.

Really, KAIJU had to be DEFINED at the beginning of the movie!