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Star Wars fans can tell you how to have sex in a storm trooper uniform, and True Blood fans can teach you all about rolling in grave dirt. But Joss Whedon fans have the most sensible, practical advice.


Over at Nerve, there's a spotlight on Whedonverse lover Caroline, who answers a series of dating and sex questions. After explaining that being a Whedon fan has taught her that the person you're dating will probably turn into somebody else without warning, or die tragically, she offers some damn good sex advice:

What is the best reason to date a Whedon fan?
Open-minded kinkiness abounds.

A friend of mine asked me to be part of a threesome with her and her boyfriend. I'm up for it, but what can I do to make sure things don't get weird afterward?
Leave. The best thing you can do is remember that no matter how much fun you have during the threesome, immediately after it's Couple Time. They asked you there to enhance their relationship with each other, not with you. Go and have fun, but know where you stand and make a graceful exit.

Let's say someone asks you to do something you're not into in the bedroom; what's the best way to let them down gently?
Tell them you're so hot for them right now that you don't want to risk the moment on something you're not sure about. Then immediately redirect their attention with some lovely thing you're doing that you both know you enjoy. Bring up Thing You're Not Into at a less vulnerable time, without being judgmental.


She's spot-on with that threesome etiquette - don't stick around unless asked explicitly to do it. Also, I like how she does the Whedonesque epithet-as-noun thing with that "Thing You're Not Into" coinage. Read the rest of her interview at Nerve.

(Thanks, Joshua Kurp!)

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