Which Great TV Show Had The Worst First Season?

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Some things really do get better with time. Especially TV shows. Sometimes a show stumbles out of the gate so badly, you can't believe it'll ever become watchable. And then you check back a year or two later and boom — it's become the best show ever. Which show had the worst first season, before achieiving greatness?


Please include a picture or clip for your chosen TV show. And please mention the name, and why the first season was so much worse than the rest. Thanks!

Top image: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Shudder. It took a couple years before this show found a semblance of dignity. And then... watch out.



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The first 3/4 of the first series of NuWho was pretty bad in terms of some of the CGI, special effects, and in some cases even the story ('Father's Day' in particular). I kept telling friends who I introduced to it, just wait, it get's amazing! Right around Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Then season two was fantastic.