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Which Great Author Do You Re-Read, A Single Page At A Time?

Illustration for article titled Which Great Author Do You Re-Read, A Single Page At A Time?

Some authors are so great, you re-read their books from cover to cover, every few years. But then there are the authors that pack such a great punch, you just want to read a page or two, when you need to wake your brain up or remind yourself of a great scene. Which author do you just re-read a single page of, sometimes?


Please include a book cover or other image for your chosen author. And please mention his/her name, if there’s a particular book you dip back into sometimes, and why it’s so great to read just one short section. Thanks!

Top image: Philip K. Dick. You can pick up any one of his books, including the short story collections, and land on a moment of supreme weirdness and insight.


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Terry Pratchett. Most the the short re-reads are because I need to remember what Granny Weatherwax said about this, or what Sam Vimes thought about that, or I just need a pick-me-up and the Discworld books never fail to provide.