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Which Franchise Has the Most Rabid Fans?

Illustration for article titled Which Franchise Has the Most Rabid Fans?

Not the biggest fanbase — that's a totally different ballgame. No, we're talking about the most passionate, enthusiastic devoted fans: Doctor Who, Twilight, Firefly? Who wins?


Last night, at New York City's VIllage East Cinema, BBC America hosted a public screening of the Doctor Who season premiere, "The Eleventh Hour." And, while New Yorkers have seen lots of people lining up on the street for lots of things, the block-long queue for the Who event had more than one passerby asking — while not realizing the lameness of the pun — "Who knew?"

Illustration for article titled Which Franchise Has the Most Rabid Fans?

And yet, inside the theater, those fans squeeed at the top of their lungs every time the new Doctor, Matt Smith, appeared on screen, or tousled his hair, or said something keen, or looked at his new Companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillen). They shred their vocal chords when Smith, Gillen, and head Who writer Steven Moffat came out for a Q&A session.

Now, we've all seen the gathered masses of genre fans before — the Twihards at San Diego Comic Con, the wee wizards that came out for each Harry Potter novel's release — but this show of hitherto unrecognized Whomania got us wondering, who's got the most rabid fanbase?

(Photos by LJinto)


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Discodave: R.O.A.C.H. M.O.T.E.L.

Straight from Kristen Stewart's mouth:

"...the most devoted and ...attentive fans ever."

And not in a good way, the haunted look seems to say.