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Which Final Scene in a Movie Haunted You for Hours Afterwards?

Illustration for article titled Which Final Scene in a Movie Haunted You for Hours Afterwards?

This grainy image from The Blair Witch Project is unremarkable on its own. But contextualized within the film’s carefully-crafted mythology and nerve-jangling buildup, this simple shot was a terrifying way to end the film. (I absolutely screamed my head off the first time I saw it.)


Tell us, fellow lurkers in the dark: what final scene or shot gave you nightmares even after you left the theater or turned off your screen? It doesn’t necessarily have to come from a horror movie. It just has to have FREAKED YOU OUT. Please leave a clip or image in the comments below ... if you dare.

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I remember just staying in myseat after watching The Mist completely slack-jawed. I was just trying to imagine the pain this guy must be in. I still think about it from times to times. If it was me, honestly, I think I would probably not last long before shooting myself. I know some people didn’t like the ending, but I loved it and prefered it to the book generic ending.