What Was The Most Bonkers Season-Ending Twist On Falling Skies?

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Falling Skies still has one season left, but it's pretty clear that this show will be remembered for its wacky spit-take moments at the end of each season, among other things. But which season-ending moment of ridonkulousness is the best? We have a handy poll.

Spoilers ahead...

So the two-hour season finale of Falling Skies, which aired on Sunday night, was mostly reasonably sturdy stuff. Lexie, the half-alien daughter of Tom and Anne, comes back and wants to be forgiven, and nobody wants to forgive her. Until she convinces Dan that she can make the Moon-attack plot more successful, and he convinces everybody else. She and Tom are stuck aboard a spaceship flying to the Moon for most of an episode — so that's an occasion for a super long "trapped in a dream world" sequence where Tom once again is offered everything he ever wanted (this already happened last year as well.) Eventually Tom forgives Lexie, or at least says he might at some point, and the assault is on.

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In the second hour, Tom and Lexie get captured by the burnt-face Overlord (and Matt's ex-girlfriend, now harnessed) while everybody else has to deal with new, improved slugs that are designed to Skitterize humans. One of the most effective things in ramping up tension in the past few weeks was the idea that the Espheni had devised a new method of rapidly Skitterizing escaped humans, without the need to round everybody up into ghettos, and now we finally see this in action and it's pretty revolting.

Pope and Dingaan teaming up to fight the bugs was actually pretty great — they have a surprisingly great chemistry — and so was Hal, Ben and Maggie working out their love triangle while escaping from the bugs. Anne wielding a flamethrower was also something I could watch again and again.

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And I was seriously hoping that Lexie would sacrifice herself to save everybody in this episode — and despite a last-minute assist from the Volm, it looks as though I got my wish in this episode. Lexie was never really going to work as a character, but she got a few nice moments with her dad in her final two hours. And she got to go out in a blaze of glory, which is the best any ill-conceived character could ever hope for. (Now we can only hope she doesn't get a miraculous save.)

And then we get to the now-traditional season-ending WTF. Tom gets rescued by aliens who are so, so beautiful, and say they want to help and stuff. Is this the threat that the Espheni were running from? Are they actually friendly? We'll find out next year, in the final season.


But for now, you decide:


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I really thought the 'alien' Tom says is beautiful at the end was actually Lexie in some evolved form. Guess not, though. Still, the whole cocoon thing led me to think he may have been rescued by her 'butterfly' form.

As such, my second theory is that Tom is going to be kind of brainwashed by these new aliens: he seemed sort of hypnotized at the end of the episode when he saw this new alien.

Other moments I liked that weren't mentioned:

* Weaver and Matt, trapped in the fog, chanting "it's not over 'til it's over".

* Sarah rescuing Pope, and his "thank you" moment.

* Actually, a lot of the stuff with Pope the past few episodes: he's burnt out. The tough guy is getting beat down finally, and I like how it's being played out.