Which Fall TV Show Will Get Canceled First?

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The fall TV season is in full swing again, and it's not too late to speculate about which shows are headed for an early doom. After all, it's not unheard of for shows to last a few episodes, then vanish into DVD heaven. In fact, this could be your chance to get your vote in so you can say you told us so later. Jump in and take part in our fall scifi TV deadpool! (Of course, Stargate Atlantis already won, but I'm excluding it because that would be cheating.)


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Psst, Charlie, 'Chuck' got a full second season commit already, same as 'Heroes'. And 'Sanctuary' is a BBC America show so that doesn't count. And your forgot to add 'The Mentalist' which is almost quasi sci-fish b/c the dude is a pretend Psychic.

'Knight Rider' the bar is soooo low it will succeed. Plus the dude running the show stretched 'Las Vegas' for 4 years with the same 3 plots over and over again. It'll be fine.

So I vote for 'Eleventh Hour' to go away quietly.