Which Epic Book Series Would Benefit From Being Shortened and Combined?

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Everybody loves to dive into a pile of books that spin out an epic, immersive storyline. There’s nothing more satisfying than a trilogy or series with deep worldbuilding. But some book series could stand to be a bit shorter—and maybe also fewer books.


Earlier today, we had an essay from Kim Stanley Robinson about the experience of taking his acclaimed Science in the Capital trilogy and condensing it to a single book volume—cutting out 300 pages in the process. But which book trilogy or series would you love to see the same thing happen to?

Please include a book cover, book trailer, or other piece of artwork for your chosen book. And please mention the title, the name of the author and why there might just be too much of a good thing there. Thanks!


Top image: Sort of the obvious candidate, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. For all its many delights, this series is legendary for, shall we say, its extreme fecundity.

Charlie Jane Anders is the author of All The Birds in the Sky, coming in January from Tor Books. Follow her on Twitter, and email her.

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Noooo! How dare you suggest shortening Wheel of Time! You wool brained sheepherder! *pulls braid and sniffs* Don’t you know duty is heavier then a mountain but lighter then a feather?