Which Country Drinks The Most?

According to a new WHO report looking at alcohol consumption around the world, the average person consumes just over six liters of alcohol a year, but that average doesn't quite tell the whole story as this map shows.

As you can see on the map, while the average is six liters per person over 15, the variance by country is pretty strong. Half of all countries drink less than three liters, while the countries that drink more heavily come in at double the worldwide average.


The report also makes some predictions for the next 20 years of drinking patterns as well. Globally, the WHO expects the average to continue to rise, though they'll be some regional differences here as well. The biggest increase, say researchers, will be found in the Western Pacific region and China. The biggest decrease will most likely be seen in Europe, though even with that decrease, they are still expected to keep the highest average overall.

Images: WHO.

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