Which Characters Will Be in Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark?

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James Gunn talks about developing Thanos — and it sounds like Marvel is putting The Inhumans on the fast track. Set photos from Once Upon a Time show the Knave's new Storybrooke home. And a first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's family drama/zombie movie Maggie. Spoilers now!

Top image: Guardians of the Galaxy


In the same interview where he confirmed that Star-Lord's father would be a different person from the comics, James Gunn also talked a bit about how he developed Thanos:

"I like being able to create a bad guy. I'm very lucky in that I came into the Marvel Universe and I didn't have too many rules set down for me. I came from a place of creation. I had a few things I needed to link up to, a few points of reality that our universe had to link up to, like they were dealing with the Infinity Stones, that the Aether is an Infinity Stone, so I had to link up to those things, but they were very few and far between. For the most part I got to create things, like the Bible of the Infinity Stones – where they came from, what they are, that was something I got to invent."

"How does Thanos talk? Who is he? What does he do? I got to invent that, that was all really fun for me. Someone else will have to be somewhat beholden to those things later down the line. For me, it was all pretty much fun. I will say that I do not feel beholden to having to use Thanos in Guardians 2. He will show up if he helps our story and he will not show up at all if he is not. Thanos is not the most important thing in Guardians 2, that's for damn sure. There's the Guardians themselves and other threats the Guardians are going to be facing that are not Thanos."

"I think Thanos has been lonely for a long time. He can handle it. He's used to his loneliness. He's got some other kids out there. He's got to look after them. Nebula's probably the sweetest of them, which tells you what his kids are like..."


That last bit definitely sounds like a hint of future characters we'll see. [ Empire]

The Inhumans

Looks like Vin Diesel's Inhumans hint didn't come out of nowhere. Collider has sources saying that Marvel is looking to develop an Inhumans film, the same way they did with Guardians of the Galaxy. They have a script by John Robert Cole, who came out of the same Marvel writing program that produced Nicole Perlman's Guardians script. As with that script, Collider says the plan is to give it to a director to filter through their vision, the way James Gunn did with Perlman's script. According to Collider's insider, Inhumans is part of Marvel's plan to actively build multi-film cosmic universe. [Collider]

Justice League Dark

Guillermo del Toro says that the project, currently in the script stage, is going well. He claims that he and Warner Bros. are "seeing eye-to-eye" on it and listed the characters he wanted as "Etrigan the Demon, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Constantine, The Floronic Man, and many, many others."


He also said that the new Constantine show wouldn't affect the film, much like the CW DC shows won't affect Batman v. Superman:

I would love to have The Spectre in it, because he's one of the most..absolutely, beyond moral characters in this universe and he does crazy things...but, I'm happy with...they're doing that with Constantine. What I made clear to them is that the tv series will not effect the movie and they said that's okay. They said you can have independence. Now, if we see the tv series and we can mesh with it or cast the same actor depending on where the movie is going, I would be happy to consider that.


It's nice that he's open to merging to two, as well. Video at the link. [ IGN via Comic Book Movie]


Here are the first images from the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the father of a young girl afflicted by the zombie virus. [Coming Soon]


Doctor Who

We've got another interview with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at ABC Radio, with Coleman saying that the "impossible girl" mystery will be fully put to bed this season and Capaldi saying of his previous appearance in the series:

You have to question who that character was in Pompeii. Perhaps he was not who he said he was. The full answer is not there but the question is certainly addressed. He's always influenced in his regenerations by those who are around him.


Listen to whole interview here. [Blogtor Who]


Here's a clip from episode 2. And another one is at the link. [ TV Guide]

And go here for photos from episode 2, "Castle Leoch." [SpoilerTV]


Once Upon a Time

Adam Horowitz tweeted the title of episode 4.04:


[via SpoilerTV]

And the first photo of Eliabeth Mitchell on set has come from Canadagraphs. [via SpoilerTV]


And head to the links to see some more photos from the set. [yvrshoots, yvrshoots]


Witches of East End

Here's the promo for episode 2.06, "When a Mandragora Loves a Woman." [via SpoilerTV]

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