Illustration for article titled Which Character Was Supposed To Be Badass, But Ended Up Being Just Ass?

Sometimes, when it comes to making everybody think a character is supercool, less is more. Overkill just feels like overcompensation. And sometimes, creators spend so much time making a character cool on the surface, they forget to work on the other stuff. But which supposedly badass character fell the flattest?


Please include a picture, clip, book cover or comics page for your chosen non-badass. And please mention his/her name and why he or she didn't live up to the hype. Thanks!

Top image: General Grievous from the Star Wars prequels. Actually was kind of great in the Tartakovsky cartoons, but not in the live-action movies. None of the prequel villains except Palpatine really lived up to their hype, to be honest.


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