Which Character on Lost Has Spawned the Most Adoring Fans?

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Despite the traditional media outrage about the newspaper's biases, the Washington Post is finally asking the questions that need to be asked. The questions that, in this modern world, we all demand answers to. Questions like "Smoke Monster or Polar Bear?" and "Who the hell is Kevin Johnson?" It's all part of the paper's alternative to March Madness for those of us who get nervous any time organized sports are brought into polite conversation. Find out more after the jump.


Lost Madness is a two week-long popularity contest, letting fans of ABC's mysterious island-based drama Lost pit characters against each other in terms of fan devotion until the democratically-chosen favorite is revealed on March 25:

We have broken down the field into four categories: Oceanic 815 Survivors; Deceased Oceanic Survivors and Rescuers; The Others/Dharma; and Other Crucial Players. Choose one winner in each competition, then come back for the next round to vote for new victors.


The first round of voting runs from March 7th until today, and offers up the chance to get into character conflicts that you didn't even think about before. Sure, Desmond beats Charles Widmore, but just who would you choose in the dynamic contest between baby Aaron and lost dog Vincent?

Lost Madness [Washington Post]

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@92BuickLeSabre: Fine... me too. Plus if you got caught you could totally be all.. "OMG a minute ago I was in my dorm room in 1995 and he was a chick! Damn time slips!!"

@extracrispy: Well if you have HD you could see last week that Sawyer was reading a book of ryhmes and it was open to Jack Sprat. Veery telling.