Which Character Do You Just Wish You Could Give Some Helpful Advice To?

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We love to watch people make terrible mistakes — there's a reason why the characters who make the most awful decisions are usually the most popular. But sometimes, you just find yourself yelling at the screen (or page), "NO!" Which character in science fiction or fantasy do you wish you could give some helpful advice to?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, book cover, or other piece of artwork for your chosen character. And please mention his/her name, where he/she appears, and what sort of advice you would want to give him/her. Thanks!

Top image: Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones, season one. She's gotten a lot shrewder over the years, but back in the first season when she really thought Joffrey was awesome, and later decided to confide in Cersei, you just wanted to take her aside and explain some stuff. Like, a lot of stuff.

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Girlfriend! Fucking call General Tommy Lee Jones, get him to pull some strings and get out of that bullshit assignment. You helped save the fucking world and I'm forced to watch you get chewed out by dick heads week after week??! That's insulting to both of us. Especially when you consider that you had to have climbed this ladder already to get to where you were in The First Avenger anyway!!

Oh and can you please get a better class of villain? Sweaty guys in tank tops are beneath you honey!! Fight a guy with a claw or an eye patch or a fucking laser gun or something. SHIT!!! Do you boo boo!! Do you!! You deserve better!!