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There really is a thin line between love and hate! Sometimes there’s a character on a TV show, or in a movie or book series, who shows all the signs of becoming annoying. Or worse yet, offensive. And then...something magic happens. Which character did you hate until they became your favorite?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, piece of artwork, comics panel, book cover or other illustration of the character who seemed incredibly obnoxious until he or she won your heart. And please mention the name of the character and the series, and why you changed your mind. Thanks!

Top image: Gary from Alphas. At first, he seemed like a bundle of autism stereotypes, wrapped in an outer layer of “geeky man-child” tropes, with a nerdy superpower on top. Until, largely thanks to Ryan Cartwright’s great performance and some sensitive writing, he somehow became the show’s MVP.


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