Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

This morning's spoiler roundup answers all your most urgent questions. What's going on with Spock in Star Trek and Sylar in Heroes? Whom does Firefly's Adam Baldwin kiss on Chuck? Which Marvel Comics movie won't include superspy Nick Fury? What replaces flash-backs on Lost next year? Not to mention, what's in store for Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Doctor Who, Smallville and The Middleman. We also have new pics from Knowing and Star Wars: Clone Wars. And some explanations of Push and Next Avengers. Because spoilers are the question, and answer, all in one.

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here are a couple of new stills from Star Wars: Clone Wars. Check out the sexy new look for Master Plo Koon. [IGN]


Iron Man 2 (and various other movies):

Samuel L. Jackson says he could be playing superspy Nick Fury in Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, plus any other Marvel movies that may come out in the next few years. (This could just be actorly wishful thinking.) [MTV]



And here are some new stills from Knowing, the Nicholas Cage movie about a guy who finds a decades-old time capsule that predicts future events - including an apocalypse at the end of the week. Whoa. [IGN again]




More details about the psychic-kids movie Push. Chris "Human Torch" Evans plays Nick Gant, a telekinetic "mover" and the son of another "mover." An evil government agency, the Division, aims to control people with abilities, and the Division killed Nick's dad in front of him when he was eight, because the dad's TK powers were too powerful. Nick is hiding out in Hong Kong, keeping to himself and not trusting anyone. He uses his TK power to cheat at dice. [Sci Fi Wire]

Star Trek:

Zachary Quinto says the Star Trek movie sees Spock on "a collision course with himself," and trying to remain separate but being pulled towards humanity. We see Spock "at a time when he is not as in control of his balance" (between his human and Vulcan sides, presumably) and this leads to heartbreak. [MTV Movies]



Quinto also said that in Heroes season three, it's not so much a question of Sylar turning good, as it is a matter of him possibly restraining his "instinctual desire to kill." Sylar will be more conflicted this year (between his monster and nice-guy sides, presumably). And he'll also be in a lot of fight scenes, getting thrown around and flying around a lot. [MTV again]

The superpowers that Mohinder displays at the end of the first episode are just the beginning of the story. Eventually, his superpowers will look more Spider-Man-esque. (Hence the pic of him hanging upside down?) [E! Online]


And here are some cool-looking stills. More at the link. [Heroes Spoilers]





Wondering what's going to replace flash-forwards and flash-backs in Lost season five? Apparently, the new structure will be incredibly confusing, and somewhat similar to the structure of the Jin/Sun episode in season four. But the good news is, it'll allow all the characters to share adventures together even as the Oceanic Six are off the island and various others are still stuck there. [E! Online]


Battlestar Galactica:

Reading between the lines of this Sci Fi Wire article, I sort of gleaned that Lee Adama doesn't die in the end of BSG. Actor Jamie Bamber refers to the final episode as "an ending and a beginning" for Lee. [Sci Fi Wire]

The BSG crew and their new Cylon allies strand Three (Lucy Lawless) on the wrecked Earth when they haul ass away from there. [E! Online]


Doctor Who:

Because somebody demanded it, here's your daily Doctor Who spoiler. Apparently this year's Christmas special, a "Gothic Cyber-chiller," has a three-word title that is a "dead giveaway" as to the plot. But we don't know the title yet, similar to the way the title "The Stolen Earth" was kept under wraps for a long time. Oh, and wow. The "Proms" mini-episode really is totally insanely demented. Just completely mad. Might do a post about it later. [Blogtor Who]

The Middleman:

When I interviewed Middleman creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach the other day at Comic-Con, he actually thanked me for including his show in morning spoilers so often. (And yes, I'll post the interview soon.) I was surprised that he wasn't annoyed at the spoiler-mongering, and he said it's all in the execution. Around that same time, he posted two photos from upcoming episodes on his Middleblog. One is the inside of the android Ida's brain, from "The Clotharian Contamination Protocol." And the other is the evil alternate universe versions of Lacey and Noser, from "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome." (I should point out that that title is not a palindrome.) [Middleblog]


And here are the plot descriptions for episodes 9 and 10:
"The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown," August 11:

In 1969, The Middleman had an arch nemesis named The Candle. When the dastardly villain disappeared, the 1969 Middleman took a drastic step by cryogenically freezing himself with the strict instructions to be unfrozen when The Candle should ever return. Thirty-nine years later, The Middleman and Wendy stumble across a new case that seems eerily similar to The Candle's M.O. While researching how to handle the old foe's return, Ida drops the bomb on them about her instructions to unfreeze the 1969 Middleman (Kevin Sorbo). With a 40-year vendetta and a ‘60s mindset, will the old Middleman be able to work with The Middleman and Wendy to catch The Candle, or will their differences get in the way of justice? Meanwhile, worrying about her "perfect" relationship with Tyler and how her job may interfere with it, Wendy goes to 1969 Middleman for advice.


"The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation," August 18:

When artifacts from Vlad the Impaler go up for auction, Wendy and The Middleman prepare to acquire them all in effort to stop a possible vampire resurgence. But things go horribly awry when the last artifact, Vlad's beloved ventriloquist puppet Vladdy, takes over the soul of the auctioneer and gets away. Now The Middleman and Wendy must stop Vladdy from reuniting with his puppet bride and bringing on an eternal night of blood. Things only go from bad to worse when the demonic puppet learns about The Middleman's feelings for Lacey and uses her to force our hero to make a dangerous decision. Will Wendy be left on her own to face the unnatural wooden forces of evil or can The Middleman come up with a plan to save the world from vampire restoration and the woman he loves? Meanwhile, when Noser mysteriously disappears, Lacey joins forces with Pip to track down their missing friend, much to The Middleman's chagrin.



Crazy science-town show Eureka returns to the Sci Fi Channel tonight. We're not sure when Henry Deacon will get out of jail. But when Jack's rebellious sister Lexxie shows up, she'll annoy Jack by instantly becoming friendly with everyone in the town, which is something that it's taken Jack two season to do. Meanwhile, Jack's daughter Zoe will become more independent and will get a job at Cafe Diem. She'll also have more of a voice in the town, thanks to Lexxie. Also, we'll find out what Jack looks like in a towel, and Jack and Allison will be naked together. We may learn more about Kevin's father due to Henry's meddling. We'll learn more about Deputy Jo Lupo's background, and she'll be the focus of an episode. Beverly the psychiatrist won't come back this year, but Jim Taggart will have a recurring role during the second half of the season.


And this season's big arc will involve newcomer Eva Thorne, a corporate shark who comes to Global Dynamics, and the secrets about Eureka that she uncovers. [TV Squad]


The same-sex kiss you might have heard is happening on spy-nerd show Chuck this season? The good news is, it involves Adam Baldwin. The bad news: it also involves star Zachary Levi. Meanwhile, it won't be all sunshine for Captain Awesome and Ellie, and it's not certain if they'll make it to the altar. Captain Awesome will turn to the "most and least likely person" for advice on Ellie. (Morgan, maybe?) [E! Online]



In addition to the rather low-fi Justice League that rescues Clark at the start of the season, we'll meet more future Leaguers later in the season. Green Arrow will have a new love interest, but will also still continue his romantic tension with Lois. And we'll see a ton of Green Arrow's past in the form of flashbacks. Also, Green Arrow gets more hesitant about embracing his heroic destiny just as Clark gets more gung-ho about his own. [KorbiTV and E! Online]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Brian Austin Green will "burn up the sheets" with a sexy female resistance fighter. [E! Online]


Next Avengers:

The direct-to-DVD saga of the children of Marvel's superteam defeating the robot that killed their parents, Ultron, got shown at Comic-Con, and Newsarama has a review. The Avengers were retired when they reunited one last time to fight Ultron — and lost. Their kids, raised in safety, grew up thinking of their parents as legends more than parents, until they confront the legacy they're inheriting. The son of Captain America has an energy shield, and the still-alive Hulk looks sort of like the Maestro, the future Hulk from the comics. Ultron keeps a huge trophy case of all the schwag he got from the heroes he's defeated. [Newsarama]