Which Book Have You Owned The Longest?

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People have been sounding the death knell of paper-and-binding style books for awhile now, but the fact remains: you can’t beat them for longevity. So which book have you had in your own personal collection for the longest?


Tell us what the book is, where you got it, if you still read it, and what has kept it with you through the years while other books have cycled in and out of your life.

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The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. We were read this book in 1st Grade (1988-1989) so it was either 1989 or 1990 since I’ve had this book, along with the two sequels Return of the Indian and Secret of the Indian. Whenever The Mystery in the Cupboard came out, I ordered that and waited for what felt like FOREVER for it to come in and I was as excited for that book as any video game (OMG FALLOUT 4!!!) or CD I’ve been hyped for, and was my very first hardcover book. I still have all 4 books, and while Indian in the Cupboard is missing its cover, the rest of the books are in surprisingly good condition for being 25 years old and considering the age I got them.