Which Big Summer Movie Ruined Science Fiction Forever?

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With more big summer spectacles exploding, laser-blasting and CGI-ing all over the place, is serious, thoughtful science fiction being pushed out? Have movies like Transformers or Star Wars tractor-beamed the genre of science fiction away from perceived as serious literature, even in the book world? And which giant battle cruiser of a movie deserves the most blame for turning the genre into an amusement park ride instead of an exploration of our place in the universe? Vote for your scapegoat below.


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Discodave: R.O.A.C.H. M.O.T.E.L.

ID4 gets my vote for film that made it harder for decent sci-fi to get made over CGI reliant crap. Yes, there are still great sci-fi films out there, but unless they look great they're normally screwed at the box office.

Case in point - I thought Cypher was a great film, but I'd heard nothing about it at all until I stumbled across it on a movie channel.

It was clever, well conceived but looked like the inside of a cubicle for most of the time ergo: no-one watched it.