The Batmobile has gone through more than a few changes over the years, but which Batmobile is the best in terms of raw speed? The new web series Super Power Beat Down pits Adam West's TV Batmobile again Michael Keaton's 1989 movie car. So which one wins the race?

Super Power Beat Down's mission is to take two superpowered things and determine which one is the best. In the debut episode, they take on two of the Bat-cars, breaking down the specifications of the TV and film Batmobiles — although the actual cars are working replicas of the originals. Then they take the cars to the street in a Bat vs. Bat drag race. It's hardly a scientific experiment, but it's fun to watch. And anyway, we know Christian Bale's Tumbler would quite literally crush them both.


If you just want to see the actual race, move your scroller up around 7:50. If you want to see the gratuitous bikini-clad soaping down of the cars, move it a little further along.

[via /Film]