Which Avenger Could Have A Thor Cameo? What Kind Of Underwear Does Post-Apocalyptic Denzel Wear?

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Last spoilers of 2009! We've got confirmation that Marvel at least considered putting a previously unseen Avenger into Thor. And Denzel Washington gives too much Book Of Eli information. Plus Doctor Who, Lost, The Avengers, James Bond, Dollhouse and Daybreakers.


Will Hawkeye have a cameo in Thor, in preparation for his possible appearance in Avengers? Marvel was at least talking about it. At least, actor Jeremy Renner said this when addressing rumors he'd be playing Clint:

That was just one of those things that got blown way out of proportion. It was an idea. Those Marvel guys, I'm a big fan of them. They're so smart about how they want to do these things - they have Captain America, and Thor coming around, Iron Man 2, and then I happen to know Zak Penn, who's writing The Avengers. So they thought Hawkeye is an interesting role, and asked me if I knew anything about him. I said no, so they gave me their sort of spiel on what he was, and I thought that it was kind of interesting. The only reason it came out this early, because Avengers is two years away, is that they're thinking okay, we may throw him in Thor, we may not, as a cameo. You know what I mean? So there's truth that we talked about it, but there's no truth to me doing it.


So Marvel was at least considering having Hawkeye pop up in Thor, and they did have some vague discussions with Renner. But sounds like either the cameo's not happening, or it's not Renner. Or both. [Movieline via ComicBookMovie]

Also, Tim Roth says he's eager to return as the Abomination, and he's signed for two more Marvel movies. And he hints that with characters from the different series turning up in each others' films (like Tony Stark in Incredible Hulk), the Abomination could potentially turn up in any movie, not just a Hulk sequel. (Like, say, as a minor villain in The Avengers? Just a thought, especially if Edward Norton is a hold-out.) [MTV]

The Book Of Eli:

Denzel Washington talks a bit more about just what's going on in this movie. His character is walking across the country to deliver a very special book, and he picks up a barmaid (Mila Kunis) and gets into a spat with a small-town dicator (Gary Oldman). The apocalypse happened when Eli was a teenager. Says Washington:

As the story goes, everybody had to stay inside the first year after the war, and he got out and wandered and survived. In fact we just shot the scene. I won't give you the whole scenario but he basically survived and heard a voice that led him to the book and told him where to go and why and he'll be protected. And as he says, for 30 winters he's been walking.


Frances de la Tour and Michael Gambon play Martha and George, an older couple, and "these two old folks that eat people and have tea [also] have this small army," says Washington. At one point, Kunis asks "what are we going to do?" And Martha replies, "I know what I'm going to do," and starts shooting an AK-47 at everyone. And since it's the future and this 70-something couple was young in the 1970s, they'll be playing a song from their youth, like "I Will Survive," all during the crucial fight scene.

So with Eli walking cross country for 30 years after the apocalypse, you're probably wondering about his underwear. Allow Denzel Washington to elucidate:

I never wore underwear. He didn't have any because he wore them out. So it wasn't as difficult, but we did some little cute things like the sneakers. He starts off in sneakers that are all taped-up and beat-up that are actually the latest Lebron James sneakers, but he's a survivalist and he had to travel light. I don't think he had a second set of clothes. I can only squeeze so much in that backpack.


Way more at the link. [Collider]

And I've been seeing billboards and bus ads all over for the film, like this one. [Full image at NEOGaf Forum]


James Bond:

The 23rd official James Bond movie's storyline is "a shocking story," says writer Peter Morgan (The Queen), who wrote the script earlier this year. The film's on hold because of MGM's financial difficulties, but both Daniel Craig and Judi Dench have predicted filming will start in late 2010, with an eye to a late 2011 release. Maybe 11/11/11, one site suggests. And no, there's no more info about what's so "shocking" in the next Bond. [Kurier.AT via IGN]


Doctor Who:

We already knew the Doctor's brown suit was going to take quite a beating in this weekend's episode. See for yourself. It's like watching an old friend fall to pieces. [BlogtorWho]



A dead character will "return" without the actor who plays him/her needing to be present. Miles will hear this dead person's spirit talking, and will carry a message from him/her — and it's something important. I'm guessing it's someone who's not available — so maybe Mr. Eko or Libby? Almost everyone else is returning (more or less) in the flesh. [E! Online]


Here are a couple extended promos, with absolutely no new footage. [Lyly Ford and Lyly Ford]


Here's what happens in the Jan. 15 episode, "The Hollow Men":

Sacrifices are made when Echo leads her crew to Arizona to dismantle the Rossum Corporation's mainframe.




We brought you a massive gallery of high-res stills from this movie the other day, but now here are some wallpapers. [SpoilerTV-Movies]



Here's what happens in episode 2x11, "Edina City Limits," airing Jan. 14:


Following an unexplained attack involving hideously deformed humans, the Fringe team visits the small town in upstate New York to uncover leads surrounding the bizarre case. When it's determined that these deformed people have managed to hide themselves for a while and they'll do just about anything to keep it that way, the investigation takes an unexpected turn.


[TV Overmind]

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