Which Authors Said "No Thanks" To Google Books?

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Who opted out of the Google Books settlement thus far? Approximately 6,500 authors and other literary entities including such writers as Michael Chabon, Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Busiek, and, of course, Ursula Le Guin.


After a federal hearing in Manhattan last Thursday, Judge Dennis Chin delayed a ruling which could potentially allow Google to license entire libraries via their "Google Books" program. Authors choosing to opt out of the Google deal had to do so by January 28, 2010. Among those choosing to sidestep this epic legal (and ethical) quagmire were some of our favorite scifi and speculative fiction authors. You can find the entire list of those opting out at The Public Index.


[Via Guardian UK]

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I was neutral about this issue until the Amazon/Macmillan row. Now I'm all for it.

As an early adopter of ebooks, I knew I was getting screwed and that was fine. While I was paying less money for a product of lesser value than a real book, that was okay with me. Even knowing that I'd need to buy these books again when this proprietary format went away in a few years was fine. It's the cost of an early adopter. Now that the prices have jumped so that half the books I want to purchase on my kindle actually cost slightly more than their paperback counterparts, I'm pretty fired up. Do you think a dime of that 'more' is going to the authors? We all know it's not.

I am now perfectly happy to let Google strong arm the publishing industry into the future. We're all going to end up there, anyway. As a consumer, I would be okay skipping the next decade of drama, price wars, litigation, piracy, and suffering and just jump directly into Google's library format. Put everything up there, set a fee, and let me read it on any device I damn well please.

*shakes fist*

I want what I want when I want it. I also want the creators of what I want to be fairly compensated for it. Why is it so hard to make that happen, darnit? :(