Which Author Should Replace Philip K. Dick As Hollywood's Idea Spigot?

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As prolific as Philip K. Dick was, Hollywood still may find itself running out of his books and stories to film at some point. Or, god forbid, some director may find him/herself press-ganged into trying to direct a movie version of Valis. But maybe Hollywood will reach beyond the tried-and-true Dick canon, and find some other author whose ideas can spawn a dozen twisty thrillers. You decide: which author should be next in line as Hollywood's idea-faucet?


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At every above mention of a Cory Doctorow film, I just imagine the meeting between him and the MPAA. Ooh, and maybe the RIAA for the soundtrack too! And then the bits of my brain normally reserved for suspension of disbelief is eaten by the bit that does cognitive dissonance. Which only reinforces the the idea that William Gibson would work well. (Because of Cog Dis the bar, not because I think he's a sellout.)

On a very different note, and for a very different kind of movie, could David Weber's Honor Harrington be the next James Bond style eternal franchise. There are certainly enough books in the series out there, and they're popular enough, and mass-appeal-y enough, that it's almost conceivable. And think about all the cool space battles we'd get to see!