Which Amazing Book Series Just Went On Too Damn Long?

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The only thing better than one awesome book is ten awesome books set in the same world... right? Well, not always. Sometimes, the law of diminishing returns kicks in, and the tenth book in a series isn’t quite as good as the first. Which book series did you love—until it overstayed its welcome?

Please include a book cover or other illustration for your chosen book series. And please mention the name of the books, the author, and why you felt they went on just a smidge too long. Thanks!

Top image: The Dune books by Frank Herbert. Painting by, I believe, Bruce Pennington.


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Sean Kelley

“Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. The series probably needed to be about 6 books shorter. There were whole books- long books- where it felt like NOTHING happened.