Plenty of other, lesser relics from the 1980s are getting their day in the sun — The Smurfs, anyone? — so why not this glorious cartoon, which boasts a wonderfully rich sci-fi backdrop?


That set-up is priceless: a rogue comet cracks the moon in half, royally screwing the Earth up, leaving savages to commingle with sorcerers, giant guns to open up on prehistoric beasties. The main characters — designed by Alex Toth — are perfectly archetypal: barbarian hero, beautiful magic-wielding princess, and a barely syllabic mutant hulk-thing. You've got the best parts of Conan, Star Wars, and The Road Warrior, just waiting to be tossed in the story blender and served with a soupcon of awesome.

Thundarr world could be refitted for a modern audience — treated dead serious, with all the mature themes and wanton violence one would expect from a story that takes place on the verge of the end of the world. Or you could go retro, and aim to recapture the headlong giddiness and inherent silliness that the toon so ably conveyed. Either way, I'd read it.

You're welcome, comics. You're welcome.

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