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We want our horror cheap, dirty and with lots of blood. So we rounded up all the best places to get your horror fix for free for the Halloweenie season while you may be jonesing for a little carnage. You want some free MST3K, you got it; John Carpenter's The Thing, wait no more; Phantasm, go for it. Plus much more!Hulu: Hulu's Hulloween special section has load of movies to tantalize your horror needs including, 28 Days Later, Night Of The Living Dead, Christine, Near Dark (my favorite horror flick of all times), The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror and lots more. Unfortunately many people can't view Hulu, so we're offering up other options. But while it's there please enjoy John Carpenter's The Thing: The Thing: Ez Takes: EZ Takes has a fantastic collection of the really good old horror/scifi films. You can download a high res copy for a price or just stream the whole thing from the site. It's got all the classic like The Ape Man, White Zombie,and Human Monster (with Bella Lugosi)

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The Sci Fi Drive In: The Sci Fi Channel offers up a fair selection of classic horror black and whites such as The Killer Shrews, Menace From Outer Space, The Mad Monsters, The Attack Of Giant Leeches and other large attacking thingies to fear. Teen Angst And Treats on The WB: Yay it's the "Halloween Special" episodes of Buffy, One Tree Hill and Friends. Sure not scifi but still everyone looks forward to the Halloween special ten times more than the Thanksgiving clip show. ABC Family: In true Family style ABC Family is hosting the entire first season of The Adams Family. Plus The Joan Collins in Empire Of The Ants where Ms. Collins plays a scam artist real estate agent in Florida selling people crap land that they all later find out is home to giant ants! Fearnet: Besides their adorable 66.6 second film recaps of all the horror classics (from Jason to Candyman) they're also hosting The Midnight Meat Train in its entirety. Here's Night of The Living Dead in 66.6 Seconds: Click to view Thriller: And of course would it be Halloween with out a little Thriller? We couldn't embed the whole thing but you can check out the entire Michael Jackson Zombie dance over at yyoutube.e. And until we can find it as a whole to embed, please enjoy Indian Thriller: Indian Thriller:

Google Video: Google Video is stocked with so many horror classics which we decided to just give you the best straight up. Phantasm [Some NSFW]: Click to view Plan 9 From Outer Space: Click to view And Just For Fun Here's A Little MST3K And Some Rocky Horror: MST3K Pod People: Click to view Hobgoblins (Because It's My Top 5 MST3K) Click to view Rocky Horror Picture Show: Click to viewFree TV : Ustream

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