Where The Wild Over-Commercializations Of Beloved Children's Books Are

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It was one thing when Warners announced that they'd be releasing a Watchmen video game, but a video game based on the movie based on the classic Maurice Sendak book is really taking things to far. For shame, merchandise gods.


Even the PR for the game - to be released in November, to accompany the release of Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers' movie version - sounds almost embarrassed as it hits the scripted important points. Here's senior vice president of production and development, Samantha Ryan:

Where The Wild Things Are is a beloved children's story and we are excited to deliver an immersive interactive experience based on and inspired by the feature film from Spike Jonze. Through the action-filled adventure, players will team up with the Wild Things - each with their own unique skills or special talents - learn valuable new abilities and work together to find a way to safety.

No. While I'm all for videogames being used to help kids learn new skills and so on and so on, that is not the point of Where The Wild Things Are, and just the idea of this book that's all about the power of imagination being turned into a task-filled videogame should be enough to have Sendak turning in his grave, even though he isn't dead yet. Is nothing sacred? And if not, how can we change that?

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crashedpc /sarcasm

So... let me guess, no matter what they SAY it is, it's going to be a platformer, isn't it?