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Emily Tetri is one of the people who made The Legend of Korra so beautiful, painting many of the backgrounds for the show. In this piece, which she made for the upcoming Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender gallery show, she gives us Korra and Asami riding through the desert along with a herd of flying bison.


Between this and Korra co-creator Brian Konietzko's official Korrasami piece, it's nice to see artists involved with the show giving us more visions of our heroines in love. You can purchase a print of this piece, titled "There They Go!" from Gallery Nucleus and check out another, untitled Tetri piece. You can also see more of Tetri's work on her Tumblr blog.


The Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender gallery show is currently happening at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.

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