Where the Robot Revolution Will Start

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This chart from engineering research journal IEEE Spectrum shows you what the robot-to-human density is in several industrialized nations. Now you know where to look for the robot workers revolutionary front.

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What you're seeing here is just a chart of industrial robots, and how many there are per 10,000 human industrial workers. So this does not account for all the AIBOs, Roombas, and other kinds of robots you might have in your home. It also does not include robot hospital workers, which are quite common in Japan. So Japan's lead when it comes to total robots might be even greater than its already-impressive lead here.

IEEE's Erico Guizzo says, "By 2011, the world’s industrial robot population is expected to rise to 1.2 million." Holy crap.

SOURCE: IEEE Spectrum; Tokyo Mango



Alright, this is a good time for me to ask a serious question from the readers here. And no this isn't a ploy for "Featured Comment"

As robotic production and assistance increases, and as we move forward with advances it would seemingly replace much of our skilled laborers and blue collar work force. It seems unreasonable to expect all those people to become robot designers and engineers, so what do we do with those people? As technology advances and replaces many of these workers do we have to develop a sort of Technological Socialism to aid workers who really have nowhere to go?