Ever wanted to go on a tour of the world that the Marvel superheroes fly around in? Thanks to Flickr member ChildOfAtom, that's easier than ever. He's gone to four of the real world addresses of some of the most famous addresses of the Marvel Universe and taken photos of what's actually there, and posted those photos online along with comparisons to their cartoon counterparts. Want to see what we have instead of the Baxter Building or Daily Bugle offices? Click under the jump.

Here's the real life Baxter Building, next to its comic equivalent:


And what can be found at the address of the Daily Bugle?:

Instead of the Avengers Mansion, the real world has this:


And, finally and most depressingly, this is what we get instead of Doctor Strange's Sanctorum:

Marvel themselves aren't immune to this kind of fanboy tourism; last year, they published The Marvel Comics Guide To New York City, a 256-page book that guides readers around the real life Big Apple that inspired the four-color version. Much cheaper, however, is Wizard Magazine's version from earlier this year:


ChildofAtom's Marvel New York City [Flickr]