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Last year at the Television Critics Association, where professional couch pota... er, critics get together to be spoon-fed updates from the networks about what to watch during the upcoming season, the Sci Fi Channel announced that George Clooney and his buddy Grant Heslov were developing Neal Stephenson's awesome The Diamond Age, or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer novel into a six-hour miniseries. Well, it's a year later, so what's going on with our miniseries? Better yet, which Stephenson project do you think would look best in front of the lens? Vote after the jump and let us know.


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Update: The Sci Fi Channel has let us know that The Diamond Age is still in development. Interestingly, Neal Stephenson is on a panel at this year's CES next week featuring other science fiction innovators (like Lucy Lawless) as they "discuss the mutual influence they've had on each other."

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