Where Should The X-Men Movie-Verse Go After Apocalypse?

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Jennifer Lawrence has just announced that the '80s-set X-Men: Apocalypse will be her last X-movie. Given her immense popularity, it's not really a mystery why she wouldn't want to keep getting spray-painted blue. But it begs a question worth asking: What happens to the X-Men after Apocalypse?


With Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer has basically ended the original, "modern" X-Men movie-verse. With First Class, he effectively began a new X-verse, one that started in the '60s and will continue through the '80s in Apocalypse. But what's next? Will the next movie be set in the '90s? Will we ever get a modern X-Men franchise again? Will Fox have to reboot the franchise again in order to make them modern?

What will they do? What should they do? What X-Men comic storylines should they adapt next, and what era should they be set in? Is there any possible world where we get a '90s Jim Lee-style X-Men movie? Could mass audiences handle all the pouches and ponytails? Discuss.


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I definitely want a literal '90's (Rob Liefeld) X-Force movie starring Cable. I have no idea who could possibly play '90's Cable, but I need to see it.