It’s no exaggeration to say Disney has been very careful with content released from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Trailers, footage and toys have all been calculated in what’s revealed and while there’s more coming soon, there’s also stuff out there you may have missed.

I’m talking about cards released by Topps in Star Wars Card Trader. Yes, that again. Ever since Force Friday, the app has been releasing brand new Force Awakens sets featuring artwork that’s either exclusive to the app, or being used on various different pieces of merchandise: mugs, notebooks, etc. So unless you’ve been scouring the Back to School aisles, odds are, you may have missed them.


Some of these sets are ongoing, others are complete, and some are just the same images repurposed into new designs. Either way, they’re all pretty awesome. Here are the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Topps Digital cards found in Star Wars Card Trader up to this point.

Note: Lots of these come in multiple color variants, hence the plethora of colors you see below.

First Order Widescreen

Die Cut





Visages (ongoing)

Schematics (ongoing)

Topps Classic

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