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Fans who wondered where Chuck would be going after the end of the last season, the answer would seem to be the Fortress of Solitude. Well, metaphorically, at least, according to show producer Chris Fedak.


We quickly caught up with Fedak at San Diego Comic-Con, and he told us that our - well, my - concerns about Chuck's new intersect-related abilities from the finale of the second season were slightly misguided, as the intersect upgrade was really just the end of the first part of Chuck Bartowski's story:

It's a hero's story, but it's a hero's story not told in ninety minutes or two hours. It's a hero's story told over multiple seasons. For us, we're at the end of Act One. So he's now realized his "powers," he's gone to the Fortress of Solitude...


Wait, you're making him into Superman?

No, we're not - It's not like he's got superpowers, but he has these new abilities. The Fortress of Solitude is where Superman learns that he's Superman. In the Superman movie, he goes into the Fortress of Solitude and comes out five minutes later. This next season is about that [moment for Chuck]... At least, that's what is supposed to happen. In the Chuck world, things rarely go as they're supposed to.

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