Where Did Bionic Woman Go Wrong? Fans Weigh In

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Optimism is a wonderful thing, but too much of it begins to look like, well, like this:

Bionic Woman fell victim to sub-standard writing, but remains a show littered with potential, especially in terms of the caliber of actors on board and the premise - which I still believe is awesome.


Yes, Bionic Woman fans are beginning to come to terms with what was wrong with the show, only a couple of months after it's been off the air. I say "beginning," because defending the caliber of acting? Come on, people.

Bionic-Blog, a BW fansite, responds to a New York Times piece about the carnage that the WGA strike has had on television shows by arguing that the show was let down by bad writing and too much money:

I'm not saying that I want to see less cool special effects - a sci-fi show like BW needs it's share of 'razzmatazz', but I think creators should first focus on getting the foundations right and then build from there...I guess my main question after reading that article, is does having too much money over-complicate things for the networks? Obviously it's all relative and it's different for each show, but it could be argued that both BW and Heroes fell victim to trying to do too much too quickly? Obviously the writing was at fault for this, but perhaps having such huge budgets also contributed to the confusion?


Of course, if they'd spent more of that money on the writing, maybe fewer fans of the show would be complaining about it... Personally, I don't think that money was the problem with the show, and almost all the troubles can be traced back to the fact that no-one involved with it seemed to know what kind of show they wanted to make. Was it dark updating of the original? Buffy with robot parts? Alias without interesting bad guys? The show seemed to change its mind episode-to-episode, and sometimes even within each 44-minute chunk. Play fantasy TV exec here, kids: If the show does return, what needs to be changed to make it work, and how would you do it?

Bionic Woman & the Post-strike Landscape [Bionic Blog.com]

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One problem was that it wasn't any fun. I mean, she was bionic fer cryin' out loud. That should have led to all kinds of extravagant craziness.

Then there was the flatness of the plot. Modern TV drama is all about long-term interlaced storylines with complex relationships linking them. Bionic should have been 24 with super powers. There should have been much more mystery and intrigue. Many more characters. Unclear motives.

And more explosions.

And maybe a better lead. Lindsay Wagner could have kicked her ass ten ways from Sunday.

But it was mostly the fun. That show was predictable and dull to watch.