Where are my damn nanotechnology and mind uploading?

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Are you still annoyed that you don't have your jet pack? That's quaint. These days, futurists are impatiently demanding things that are a lot weirder than that.


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On Huffington Post, Betsy Isaacson interviews Lucas Dimoveo, who describes the "scrapheap transhumanism" philosophy espoused by members of Grindhouse Wetware, a group in Pittsburgh:

The term "grinder" comes from the ... comic "Doktor Sleepless" — it is a subculture of technophiles that hack their bodies with technology out of dissatisfaction with the promises of futurism . . .

Enhancing the body to use more of its potential is our main motivation for modifying our bodies and minds. We are required to sleep a certain amount of time or cognitive function begins to deteriorate. Out of the whole electromagnetic spectrum, we can only sense a small portion. Our bodies, even at our youngest and most vibrant years, are still capable of disease and injury. This is an area that grinders share with "traditional" transhumanists.

Many grinders were followers of one science-fiction universe or another, and we are disappointed that the future we've been promised as children hasn't been actualized. The promises of mind-uploading and nanotechnology common in futurist circles haven't satiated us either. We want the future now.

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I'm still disappointed that in a world with nuclear North Koreas and Irans (or soon to be nuclear), as well as Fukushima irradiating, apparently the entire Pacific Ocean and, along with Chernobyl, rendering all food everywhere on the planet inedible, we don't have all the prerequisites for a proper post-apocalypse. We're sure as Hell not going to build the robots-who'll-eventually-malfunction-and-think-they're-the-Founding-Fathers after the nuclear apocalypse. Come on, humanity, if we're going to live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (as, clearly, we're going to very soon, if Dr. Alarmy-McRadioactivefood in the video there is to be believed), can't we take steps to make our Post-Apocalypse more Fallout and less The Road?