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When You're Not Really Sorry that Your Sea Monster Ate Your Date's Poodle

In this scene from sadly-cancelled show Surface, we learn a valuable lesson: Sometimes a poodle deserves to be eaten by a baby sea monster. After finding weird glowing egg in the ocean, fourteen-year-old Miles rears the baby sea monster that hatches from it — even though it's somewhat fierce and has the power to electrocute grown men. He names it Nimrod, and hiding it becomes the focus of his geeky existence. When his mean older sister discovers Nimrod, Miles blackmails her by saying he'll tell their parents about her boyfriend. But that doesn't stop his sister's friends from taunting Miles. One of them suckers Miles into taking her to see Nimrod in his secret pool. She claims she loves animals and brings along her annoying poodle Kutcher to prove it. But she finds out that humiliating a boy and his sea monster has consequences. I love the part when Nimrod jumps out of the water and eats the poodle, while Miles' buddy smiles happily. Most of Surface wasn't this dorky, but enough of it was that it never really garnered a big audience and it was canceled after a half-season. Too bad, because the sea monster action was awesome. [Surface via IMDB]


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Annalee Newitz

@Dominus Astra: Naw — it wasn't the best thing about Surface. There really were a bunch of action-packed scenes with scientists chasing down the sea monsters in homemade submersibles and stuff like that. It was pretty cool at times, and I think the basic premise was great. Electrified sea monsters from inside lava vents are set to take over the planet's ecosystem! Plus lots of sinkholes and lightning storms whereever the creatures go. Rad.