Robo-racism abounds in the new Almost Human trailer

J.J. Abrams's new scifi police procedural debuts on Fox with a two-night premiere on November 17th and 18th, and no one could be less happy about this than robot-hating officer John Kennex, played by Karl Urban. He doesn't like his artificial leg, he doesn't like his orders, and he doesn— holy @#$%, did he throw his robot partner out of his car?!

This new trailer for Almost Human shows a lot of promise, a lot of humor, and, obviously, a lot of robot racism. It feels like a classic '80s scifi drama like Alien Nation, but Urban and Michael Ealy's Dorian already have a great on-screen relationship — Kennex trying to push down his innate hatred for robots, and Dorian's bafflement at Kennex' inability to connect with his fellow humans.


Sure, I don't know why an officer who threw his partner and what was presumably a very expensive piece of equipment under the wheels of a tractor trailer wouldn't be immediately suspended, but what the 2048 police department loses in quailty we gain in entertainment, I suppose.

I could definitely have gone without hearing the word "ro-bromance," though, that's for sure.

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