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Everyone loves a good time travel movie, and there’s a solid one coming later this week. It’s called Synchronicity, and follows three scientists who create a wormhole—only to find out that maybe they’ve already done it, as suggested by the mysterious girl who just appeared.


Written and directed by Jacob Gentry, Synchronicity hits theaters and VOD on January 22. Chad McKnight stars as Jim, a brilliant scientist whose ideas have made time travel possible. After his first successful attempt, Jim finds that things are ever so slightly different, and the team begins exploring what may or may not have happened. Michael Ironside plays the man who’s funding the experiments, and Brianne Davis is Abby, the girl at the center of the story.

We’ll have more on Synchronicity later this week—but for now, check out this exclusive clip. It shows the first time that Jim and his team open the wormhole, and it contains not only some really cool tech, but a ton of hints of what to expect later in the film.

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